Colour Printer

TA Triumph-Adler P-C5580DN
Product functions:


The A3 colour printer provides a short warm-up time of 30 seconds and fast first page after 4.9 seconds in b/w and 6.2 seconds in colour. A print speed of 50 and 55 A4 pages/min respectively ensures smooth operation, whether in colour or b/w. Built to put focus on large print jobs, you can concentrate on your job and let the printer do the rest for you in parallel. Thus, in a single workflow invoices including a coloured logo and imprint are printed and then folded on the optional finisher to fit with standard envelope size all this without any manual interference. Professional output guarantees a good impression. Thanks to the large paper capacity, the paper supply is always ensured and you will rarely run out of paper. A wide variety of media, whether light stationery or heavy greeting cards are available from up to eight different paper sources with weights of 60 up to 300 g/m² at any time. Several output trays ensure your printouts are kept safely and cleanly. With the mail bin directly installed on the device print jobs are never mixed up and let the new systems put their talent to the test. A large memory capacity and a hard disk handle even complex print jobs very fast and help avoid waiting times. User-defined document boxes store and manage these perfectly making them available at the device any time, without the need to process them again. This automates your workflows and saves you precious time for more important jobs. Equipped with a new document box feature, print jobs are easily stored and organized by tasks. With only one touch of a button you can recall them. Printing large documents on demand is always ensured, there is no slowdown in data processing through the network or extensive processing in the RIP.

Technical Data

Type Desktop
Function Print
Print technology Laser colour and b/w
Print format A6R-A3+
Print speed max 50 A4 pages/min in colour, max 55 A4 pages/min in b/w,<br>max 25 A3 pages/min in colour, max 27 A3 pages/min in b/w
1st page colour: approx. 6.2 seconds*, b/w:approx. 4.9 seconds*
Warm-up time approx. 30 seconds
Print resolution 600 x 600 dpi, 9,600 x 600 dpi level
Paper feed 2 x 500 sheets universal cassettes (A5R-A3+ [305 x 457 mm]),<br>150 sheets multi-bypass (A6R-A3+, Banner [305 x 1,219 mm])
Paper weights Universal cassette 60-256 g/m², multi-bypass 60-300 g/m²,<br>duplex 60-256 g/m²
Paper output (bottom) 500 sheets A4
Job Separator (top) Standard, 250 sheets A4
Processor PowerPC 750GL/750 MHz
Print memory 1,024 MB RAM (max 2,048 MB RAM, 1 slot), 160 GB HDD
Interfaces USB 2.0, 10/100/1000BaseTX, USB host (2), CF slot
Network protocols TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Net BEUI, EtherTalk
Operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003/2008, Novell NetWare, Linux, Mac ex OS X
Emulations PCL6 (5c, XL), KPDL 3 (PostScript 3 compatible), PRESCRIBE IIc
Functions Duplex, e-mail print, barcode printing, private printing, PDF direct print, management codes, direct printing from USB host, job saving, toner save mode, network data encryption (SSL), IPv6, IPsec
Dimensions/Weight 744 x 672 x 787 mm (H x W x D), approx. 111 kg


Mains voltage 220/240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption approx. 1,800 W max, approx. 1,210 W in operation, approx. 170 W in stand-by mode, approx. 15 W in sleep-mode
Noise level approx. 74 dB(A) in operation, approx. 40 dB(A) in stand-by mode <br>(ISO 7779/9296)
Safety GS/TÜV, CE


Toner kit Toner kit black for 30,000 A4 pages according to ISO/IEC 19798,<br>starter kit black for 15,000 A4 pages according to ISO/IEC 19798,<br>Toner kit cyan, magenta, yellow, each for 20,000 A4 pages according to ISO/IEC 19798,<br>starter kit cyan, magenta, yellow, each for 10,000 A4 pages according to ISO/IEC 19798

*Depending on operating status


Paper feed PF-730 (B) 2 x 500 sheets universal cassettes (A5R-A3+),<br>PF-740 (B) 3,000 sheets large capacity cassette (A4), PF-780 500 sheets multi purpose cassette (A5R-A3+), required if two PF-730/740 are installed, PF-770 3,000 sheets large capacity tray (A4), side deck, Banner Guide (A)
Paper output MT-730 (B), AK-736 attachment kit for MT-730 (B) when istalled directly on the system
Finisher DF-790 (B) capacity: 4,000 sheets A4, stapeling max 65 sheets A4,<br>DF-770 (B) capacity: 1,000 sheets A4, stapling max 50 sheets A4,<br>PH-5C hole punch unit for DF-770 (B)/790 (B),<br>BF-730 brochure module for DF-790 (B) max 16 sheets saddle stitching and folding A3/A4/B4,<br>MT-730 (B) multi tray for DF-790 (B), AK-735 attachment kit for DF-790 (B)
Other options Data Security Kit (E), Card Authentication Kit (B), Card Reader Holder (B), UG-33 ThinPrint® Kit, UG-34 Emulation Option Kit, IB-50 gigabit ethernet card, cabinet no. 63