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P-3521D<br>35 A4 pages/min

35 A4 pages/min
The new environmental guidelines have become even more strict. And rightly so. We have not only reduced power consumption.

P-3521DN<br>35 A4 pages/min

35 A4 pages/min
When nature calls us, we follow. And our desktop laser printer P-3521DN is adapted to the newest environmental guidelines in no time.

P-3522DW<br>35 A4 pages/min

35 A4 pages/min
Even though the world is rich in colours, black and white printouts are often quite sufficient in the office. That’s why our P-3522DW is designed to accomplish print jobs quickly, flexibly and in supe

P-4020DN<br>40 A4 pages/min

40 A4 pages/min
It needs to be small in size but big on performance, easy to handle and extensive in its features, print quickly but incur costs slowly. This is what the P-4020DN A4 black and white printer offers.

P-4020DW<br>40 A4 pages/min

40 A4 pages/min
Great efficiency in a small space. Smaller print systems are becoming increasingly popular and they also need to be able to do more and more. It's because of these needs that we've developed the P-402

LP 4151<br>51 A4 pages/min

LP 4151
51 A4 pages/min
Medium-sized and large offices are now choosing print partners that are real achievers: this printing system. This high speed laser printer with 600 MHz processors and a huge user memory transfer all

P-4531DN<br>45 A4 pages/min

45 A4 pages/min
With a printing speed of 45 A4 pages per minute, this black and white printing system is perfect for an efficient, professional and well organised office.

P-5031DN<br>50 A4 pages/min

50 A4 pages/min
This compact and powerful black and white printer will easily impress you: Just switch it on, let it warm up and create your first printout already after a very few seconds.

P-5531DN<br>55 A4 pages/min

55 A4 pages/min
The P-5531DN can be quickly integrated into all work processes and manages even complex office environments. Large print jobs are executed with ease.

P-6031DN<br>60 A4 pages/min

60 A4 pages/min
This compact power package outputs 60 A4 pages per minute and thus stands for impressive high speed at work. The perfect partner when quick printouts are an absolute must!